Financial Wellness For Everyone:

Improve your financial health before your next paycheck.


Today’s Financial Landscape


64% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck

28% of Americans are worried about paying a specific bill this month 


2 in 3 Americans cannot cover a $400 emergency repair bill

4 in 5 Americans don’t have a will, advanced healthcare directive, and durable power of attorney


68% of Americans do not have a will

73% of Americans don’t have enough life insurance to take care of their families.

Take Charge
Of Your
Financial Future

Finaciti puts you in the driver seat of your financial well-being.

  • Protect 41% 41%
  • Plan 83% 83%
  • Organize 52% 52%
  • Grow 56% 56%

Our Holistic Approach to Financial Wellness


An app and webinars with self-paced, bite-sized training on the most important topics to your financial health.


Built with brain science to help you understand why you make the financial decisions you do and easy ways to do better.


Live coaches answer your questions and keep you encouraged to move forward.

Johnny became top sales rep once he was cleared of mental clutter by paying off his debt through expense reductions.

Hector put his bills on autopilot, got a 750+ credit score and started an emergency fund, which happened to give him the confidence he needed to ask for a big internal promotion – a job he was better suited for.

After Bonnie set up her will and guardianship, her stress decreases and productivity increased. Now, she finishes her projects early.

Sofia collected the life story of her aging mother.  Along the way, she learned insights about her family history, her mom’s dreams and regrets, and her life wisdom.  She was able to have the story printed as a book to share with her family.

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