Finaciti is a Financial Wellness Benefit for Your Employees

Employee financial stress is costing your company big-time


82% of employees say employers should play a role in supporting financial wellness


25% spend an average of 1.2 hours per day reconciling stress while at work


Each severely stressed employee costs you $15,200 per year in lost productivity

Employee Financial Stress

Your team deserves financial security and stability. But, one out of every four members of your team is severely stressed about their finances. Left unaddressed, their distress shows up in the workplace as lost productivity, higher turnover costs and increased medical expenses – not ideal for business or people alike

Let Finaciti unlock financial security for your employees, giving them access to bite-sized lessons rooted in brain science and actionable tools that make saving money, building an emergency fund and investing for their future achievable.  And, if they get stuck, live coaches answer their questions and encourage them to move forward.

Click on the Request Demo button for a quick introductory discussion and demo and see how easy it is to help your employees get on the path to financial wellness.

  • Lost hours reconciling stress
  • Higher employee turnover
  • Higher mental health and health costs
  • More workplace accidents
  • HR Distraction from payday advance requests

Finaciti Pricing

Help your employees and recover lost productivity and costs