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What is the Finaciti Financial Wellness Benefit?

 Finaciti has been provided to you as a company benefit.  This program is an innovative solution for achieving financial freedom. Its revolutionary training and tools help users break free from the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle, guard against unexpected risk, and plan their financial future, helping them gain control of their finances and legal life once again!’

To jumpstart your experience, take the 15 Day Paycheck Challenge to help you keep more of your next paycheck.  

Say goodbye to worrying about money – Finaciti’s mission io put an end to Financial Stress.

What do Employees get out of this?

Get Off the Paycheck-to-Paycheck Cycle

Take the Finaciti 15 Day Paycheck Challenge and get ready to keep ALOT more of your next paycheck! With quick and easy 5-10 minute daily challenges, you’ll save money without having to sacrifice your lifestyle or enjoyments. Join now for an effortless way to have a bigger wallet tomorrow!

Know Where Your Money is Going

Finaciti is your go-to app for mastering the art of budgeting! We’ve checked out all the big names in money management so you don’t have to—our picks offer effortless power. Plus, set yourself up for success with our insider tips on which expenses you can trim or switch around. Get started today and say hello to financial freedom!

Protect Yourself from Disaster

With life’s unpredictable twists and turns, it pays to be prepared for any disasters that come your way – like a homeowner filing an insurance claim every three years. Your turn could be just around the corner.  The Finaciti app helps you understand what type of insurance and how much you need and helps you keep from overpaying.  

Organize Your Legal and Health Documents

In an emergency, don’t let someone else call the shots – make sure you’re in control of your own future! With Finaciti, you can easily create and store important health documents like a DNR or Health POA. These valuable tools will help ensure that critical decisions regarding your healthcare are made according to YOUR wishes rather than being determined by cost alone.

Learn How to Start Investing

Who has money to invest?  Well, you will after the 15 Day Paycheck Challenge.  After that, we help you break through the head-scratching investment terminology and options that are out there.  And, we put you on a path to a successful future.  Best of all, we make it easy for you to invest and grow your future.

Get a Raise

Are you stuck on the same salary? Finaciti provides an easy-to-use platform that can help transform your financial future. Learn when to ask for a raise and position yourself as qualified – so that you can start earning more!

Write and Share Your Life Story

Everyone has a unique and special story to share.  Unlock your own personal narrative.  With over 150 thought-provoking questions, you can record your memories, explain your family and relationships, and share your dreams, regrets, and wisdom.  Record memories and moments that define who you are!  You can collect your answers as a PDF and share them with family and friends.  And, the PDF is formatted so that you can load it to Amazon and have it printed as a book.